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About us 阿佐ヶ谷スパイダースとは。時代から生み出す進行型の世界観ー阿佐ヶ谷スパイダース

Their works pursue and are determined by "narrativity". Nagatsuka Keishi, who has created original dramatic landscapes, is a dramatist, director and actor, while actors Date Satoru and Nakayama Yuichiro embody normality and madness and ordinariness and extraordinariness side by side- a worldview full of compelling reality.
These three people and the stage crew form the drama unit which is ASAGAYA SPIDERS※1。
Their first performance was launched upon the public in December 1996. Before that, Nagatsuka had dissolved the drama company※2which he had previously presided over because he no longer wanted to stick to the traditional form of a drama company. Instead, he wished to make a fresh start with a small company so that he could put on performances which only required a small cast and crew.
When they first formed, they planned only one production, but it was better received than they had expected so they actively engaged some actors who had performed spectacularly in small theatres from their second production on. By taking on some talented actors for each production, they have established a performance style with an element of the unexpected and and a form of production which has aroused considerable interest. Their activities have got serious since 1998 and they have actively built up provincial performances. The production called "A Working Man"※3attracted a record 14,800 people in nine big cities (Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Matsuyama, Niigata, Sendai and Aomori).
The productions pursue "narrativity" so that they are in consistently unique styles. They create landscapes between the real world and the fictional world. They faithfully depict human relationships through the parent-child relationship or love relationship. They tackle the times head-on-an attitude which creates a progressive worldview. They have gained attention in many quarters.

The name ASAGAYA SPIDERS comes from the sound crew’s house, which was in Asagaya when they formed, and as well as this, the sound crew and Nagatsuka were into GS’SPIDERS. They didn’t think about the name properly. They just put two words together -"Asagaya" and "Spiders"- because they thought they would only be mounting one production at that time. They still use that name.
The drama company "Laughing Roses", which Nagatsuka had previously presided over when he was at university. Nagatsuka dissolved it after they had performed six times between September 1994 and May 1996.
The production and direction of this work and "Pillow Man", produced by Parco, was very highly regarded and Nagatsuka received the 55th Best New Talent for Art award on the recommendation of the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. He has also won the 4th Asahi Performing Arts Award.
Keishi Nagatsuka
Keishi Nagatsuka
Yuichiro Nakayama
Yuichiro Nakayama
Satoru Date
Satoru Date

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